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* xyz       [msvc2010]  [forum]
* PilzAdam  [mingw   ]  [forum]
* sfan5     [mingw?  ]  [forum]

Extract the zip package somewhere. Run the executable found in the bin/ folder. Also see the Getting started page in the wiki.

If you have problems, see this forum thread.



These packages have not necessarily been created by any of the developers of Minetest. Contact the authors of the packages in case of problems (at first).

NOTE: If you use daily/unstable versions on servers or persistent worlds, make sure to back them up periodically.

If your distribution is not listed here, you can get the source code and compile Minetest-c55 yourself.

If you have packaged Minetest-c55 for some other distribution, contact me so I can link to it.


(May be more or less outdated.)


There exists a FreeBSD port.

It is known to compile relatively easily on OpenBSD at least. It should work quite fine on all platforms on which Irrlicht works.

Source code

Unstable (0.4) github

minetest tar.gz zip github
minetest_game tar.gz zip github

Stable (0.4, 0.3, 0.2)

minetest-0.4.x tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.x tar zip
minetest-0.4.4 tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.4 tar zip
minetest-0.4.3 tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.3 tar zip
minetest-0.4.2-rc1 tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.2-rc1 tar zip
minetest-0.4.1 tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.1 tar zip
minetest-0.4.0 tar zip
minetest_game-0.4.0 tar zip
0.3.x tar zip
0.3.1 tar zip
0.3.0 tar zip
0.2.20110922_3 tar zip

Using source of 0.4

You need 'minetest' and 'minetest_game'.

Note: minetest_game goes in the games/ directory of minetest. Rename it as minetest_game (instead of the long name in the package).

README.txt of 0.4.

Using source of 0.3

Just build it. README.txt of 0.3.

Other information

Miscellaneous stuff and very old versions