On real public severs you can just join and start building. Protected servers are open for all players, but to get build privileges an additional registration is required.


IP: tsundere.fi (aka kray.dy.fi) PORT: 30000

  • Largest stable population
  • Map is old and does not get deleted often
  • Lots of stuff to look at
  • Likes to crash randomly
  • Lots of vandalism
  • Random disconnects
  • Public: Everyone can build

celeron55's development server

IP: c55.me PORT: 30000

  • Always runs the very newest stuff, more recent than the release version.
  • Can be down when compiling, testing or whatever. Map is cleared whenever needed for testing.
  • Protected: After visiting the server and setting your password, you can ask for build privileges from celeron55 @ IRCnet, Freenode, gmail.com
    • celeron55 doesn't have time to reply, but tries to give privileges to those asking them.

XolioCraft Minetest Server

IP: xoliocraft.org PORT: 30000

  • French population , but hugobros3 accepts anyone , since you speak english or french.
  • We try to preserve the map
  • Hosted 24/24 on a i5 with 16Gigs of ram ! No lag at all !
  • Sometimes huge load when we talk about it on minecraft.fr (+100 players !)
  • Kinda customised server software : /spawn , /tpto , etc …
  • Anarchic , beaucause of no time to manage it :P
  • We also host a minecraft server :D

gameboom public server

IP: mt1.gameboom.net PORT: 30000

  • Map is persistent when possible
  • Population currently being built
  • Fast server using current stable version
  • Protected: Due to greifing, you will now have to register at http://www.gameboom.net and use the same username and password for your minetest login. If you don't you won't be able to build.


IP: or strasweb.no-ip.org PORT: 30000

  • Map is persistent when possible
  • Online most of the time
  • Protected: Build disabled by default
  • Contact admins at minetest@strasweb.fr if you want to build
  • Map (not updated very often)

MarkTraceur's server

Running the latest dev version, sometimes with a few modifications.

IP: marktraceur.info PORT: 30000

  • Running from marktraceur's house, so not a blazing fast connection
  • Currently very little population
  • Lots of infrastructure and materials already available
  • Maps (updated hourly, if the map changed)
  • Play nice, we're all trying to enjoy this game
  • Protected: After joining the server and setting a password, ask for build privileges on IRC from marktraceur (private message, please)

Ubunite's Minetest-east

Running Linux Daily Ubuntu Build! Will have to upgrade in order to connect! SRRY

IP: minetesteast.sytes.net PORT: 30000

  • 24/7 Linux host on local Virtual Machine running on dual xeon server
  • Restrictions - No Greifing That's about it!
  • Mumble Server Available for Voice : minetesteast.sytes.net
  • Problem? contact via IRC :minetesteast.sytes.net Room #home ⇐= Likely one of us 7 will be home to help.
  • Forums for help & Statuses @ http://ubunite.com/forum/index.php?forum=8


IP: squark.servegame.com port: 30000


IP: minetest.tsgs.tk PORT: 30000

  • Very strict rules (No flying, No entering fenced areas or building upon them, All structures must touch the ground in some way, No mining from other peoples work, Only mine from existing mines, Try to mine down and not outwards, If you mine the trunk out of a tree, you MUST remove all the leaves as well.)
  • New map, not much stuff.
  • Server only online within times.
  • Crashes randomly.
  • Server is an old netbook.
  • Please see http://tsgs.tk/minetest/ for times and other info.
  • Map: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15543549/map.png (not updated often.)
  • Private: Please talk to CalumMc in game or on Minetest forum for build privs.

CST Minecraft's MineTest

IP: cstminecraft.christiangamemaker.com PORT: 30000

  • Must request whitelisting at http://cstminecraft.tk or in-game if an OP is online.
  • Survival. No griefing or spamming, no aggressive PVP.
  • Fly and speed hacks allowed.
  • Server up 24/7!
  • Uses SVN Debug Build for triaging bugs as they are found.
  • Uses latest version of Almost MC Texture Pack + Mods.



IP: weedy.ca PORT: 30000

  • Main development server
  • World is deleted when needed (No guaranty of longevity)
  • Always online
  • Likes to crash randomly



IP: PORT: 30000

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