I've been asked to add some way to donate, so here is a link to Paypal Donate.

The money goes to me, celeron55. The existence of this website and the ongoing development of Minetest is made possible by me.

I maintain the base framework of the game, fix bugs, set releases, build packages, maintain the website and overally manage the project in addition to adding new stuff.

I am an electrical engineering student working on Minetest-c55 as a hobby.

That button reads "Donate" only because that is the default text of the Paypal Donate button. It doesn't ask you to donate, and you don't have to donate. I received many comments from people who somehow got very scared thinking this is illegal fundraising according to the finnish law. It is not. It is not fundraising in the first place. You could see it as a parallel to putting your bank account number on a web page, so that you won't have to always tell it to everybody in person.