IP: tsundere.fi (aka kray.dy.fi) PORT: 30000

  • Largest stable population
  • Map is old and does not get deleted often
  • Lots of stuff to look at
  • Likes to crash randomly
  • Lots of vandalism
  • Random disconnects
  • Everyone can build

celeron55's development server

IP: c55.me PORT: 30000

  • Always runs the very newest stuff, more recent than the release version.
  • Can be down when compiling, testing or whatever. Map is cleared whenever needed for testing.
  • After visiting the server and setting your password, you can ask for build privileges from celeron55 @ IRCnet, Freenode, gmail.com
    • celeron55 doesn't have time to reply, but tries to give privileges to those asking them.

gameboom public server

IP: mt1.gameboom.net PORT: 30000

  • Map is persistent when possible
  • Population currently being built
  • Fast server using current stable version
  • Due to greifing, you will now have to register at http://www.gameboom.net and use the same username and password for your minetest login. If you don't you won't be able to build.


IP: or strasweb.no-ip.org PORT: 30000

  • Map is persistent when possible
  • Online most of the time
  • Build disabled by default
  • Contact admins at minetest@strasweb.fr if you want to build
  • Map (not updated very often)

Ubunite's Minetest-east

Running Linux Daily Ubuntu Build! Will have to upgrade in order to connect! SRRY

IP: minetesteast.sytes.net PORT: 30000

  • 24/7 Linux host on local Virtual Machine running on dual xeon server
  • Restrictions - No Greifing That's about it!
  • Mumble Server Available for Voice : minetesteast.sytes.net
  • Problem? contact via IRC :minetesteast.sytes.net Room #home ⇐= Likely one of us 7 will be home to help.
  • Forums for help & Statuses @ http://ubunite.com/forum/index.php?forum=8



IP: weedy.ca PORT: 30000

  • Main development server
  • World is deleted when needed (No guaranty of longevity)
  • Always online
  • Likes to crash randomly



IP: PORT: 30000

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