For Windows

NOTE: The problems on windows 7 should have been fixed now. Please report if it doesn't work for you.

For Linux

Pre-made packages for distributions:

If your distribution is not listed above, you can get the source code.

If you have packaged it for some other distribution, contact me so I can link to it.

Source code

Stable source as tar.gz. Selected by me at random times when it seems to work.

Tip of source repository as tar.gz. NOTE: Sometimes works very badly when there are some bigger changes going on.

Bitbucket repository.

Does it build easily?

For Windows, it's a pain in the ass, but for Linux, it is easy. Here is an example for Debian/Ubuntu:
Note that the minimum supported version of Irrlicht is 1.7.0.

Install dependencies:
$ apt-get install libirrlicht-dev cmake libbz2-dev libpng12-dev libjpeg8-dev libxxf86vm-dev
Download source, extract:
$ wget
$ tar xf tip.tar.gz
$ cd minetest
Build a version that runs directly from the source directory:
$ cmake . -DRUN_IN_PLACE=1
$ make -j2
Run it:
$ cd bin
$ ./minetest


I will normally accept contributions to the project only if the contributor grants me irrevocable and perpetual rights to do anything with whatever the contribution is (throw parts of it away, modify it, relicense it, etc). I am a nice person, but I hate unnecessary licensing problems.

Other stuff

Miscellaneous stuff and old versions