2011-01-18 14:07:37 celeron55 Comments seem to work now!

So, all kinds of feedback, criticism, shouting to other players, bug reports, feature requests, "works/doesn't work (on what OS? What does it do?)", etc is allowed.

Link test:

2011-01-18 21:57:45 Kongo Keep up the good work, water looks good!

2011-01-19 19:00:18 EinePizza Hey there c55,

I really like what you've put together and made available on this site. I've seen several Minecraft-style pieces of software (such as Manic Digger and Cubelands), but they're of course just more or less convincing copies of MC Classic. In contrast it's great to walk around in those nice landscapes generated by Minetest and try out the crafting and stuff. You should definitely stick with that approach to make it a game about survival.

Interestingly, the way I came across this site was by searching Google for "minecraft" plus "irrlicht", just in order to find out if anybody out there was working on the same idea I'd had myself a few days earlier, namely to create a Minecraft-inspired game using the Irrlicht engine. It's first of all a learning project, and till it's playable I'll keep looking forward to seeing great new features from you in Minetest. :D

2011-01-20 17:55:21 Pirimpond Can't wait to see double terrain resolution and smooth shapes (not cubic).

Thank you.

2011-01-22 17:09:30 This is interesting I like this game you have made, hope you got time to "finish" it sometime!
Thank you for your help at getting it to work in ubuntu (:

2011-01-25 10:41:32 Game Blaster 64 Check out my first look video on Youtube. Several bugs were noticed and this is a great way to see a Minecraft player playing Minetest-c55 for the (almost) first time.

2011-01-25 10:42:39 Game Blaster 64 The URL was stripped when I typed that comment. Try this:

2011-01-25 14:06:01 Grimpo Loved your game! I Love how the torches never fade at distance (well, at an incredible distance maybe) I could put a bunch of them on the top of a mountain and use that mountain for reference for an entire-night travel.

Can't wait to see mobs and more items. Please, make a way to mod mobs and items, so the community may participate in developing them.

2011-01-25 14:11:50 Tristain sry man, but i cant praize ur game in englich. so its gonna be in my language.:

Puta que pariu! Esse jogo doido demais! O melhor jogo que existe, daqui um tempo essa porra vai acabar com qualquer jogo por a! Potencial!!

bezt gaim eva!!!

2011-01-29 18:59:32 Sean The old build system seems to work for me. Your new one doesn't. If I use the new one it crashes when I try to create a game, but loading the menu seems to be fine.

OS: Windows 7 32bit.

2011-01-30 01:47:46 Captain Crazy Looks pretty cool, but I can't seem to get it running.

2011-02-01 04:16:33 bradyxc Sorry if these have been brought up but they are my main complaints so far. (not that I'm going to stop playing because of them)
1.There was an instance where I could no longer place blocks of any kind in a column through a certain height range, not sure what the problem was there
2. Inventory should be saved
3. Some times the crafting doesn't work, maybe because I had closed the inventory with items in the crafting boxes?
4. A list of crafting recipes should be included

I'm running this in linux mint 10
And great job thus far, keep it up!

2011-02-04 13:21:42 groundbreaker Groundbreaking

2011-02-04 18:26:54 Nargajuna Thanks for that great native Linux Miner without using Java. I <3 it !!

2011-02-04 23:49:17 Nargajuna The new Version is broken. noise.cpp ( perlin noise?) is missing >.<

2011-02-04 23:57:49 Brett Crashes on Windows 7. Menu paints fine and window opens, but when attempting to connect to a local server (blank ip field) with any username the game immediately crashes, saying the runtime has requested its termination in an unusual way.

2011-02-06 22:41:44 Silent-Hunter I can't seem to compile the game. I'm using Fedora 13. I get this:

[ 49%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/minetestserver.dir/socket.cpp.o
In file included from /home/silent/minetest/src/server.cpp:24:
/home/silent/minetest/src/server.h: In member function ‘irr::u32 BlockEmergeQueue::size()’:
/home/silent/minetest/src/server.h:118: error: ‘class irr::core::list<QueuedBlockEmerge*>’ has no member named ‘size’

REPLY: These kinds of errors mean your irrlicht is too old. 1.7 is the minimum.

2011-02-07 00:43:12 Stoup Running Windows 7: When attempting to connect to a local server, whether in creative or regular mode, the game crashes. Provided is the text from debug.

Dropping main menu
Client::peerAdded(): peer->id=1
Client packetcounter (20s):
17:35:52: WARNING: Client: Server serialization format invalid or not initialized. Skipping incoming command=41
17:36:03: WARNING: Client: Server serialization format invalid or not initialized. Skipping incoming command=36
17:36:05: Client: TOCLIENT_INIT received with deployed=12
284 con 3: RE-SENDING timed-out RELIABLE to from_peer_id=3, channel=1, seqnum=65500

REPLY: This is a known problem and will be fixed some day. (Altough it is not known what could possibly cause it...)

2011-02-07 06:13:25 checkyoufeet I have a feeling a lot of people from are making there way here, me included. It might be good to get mirrors up for the downloads as mine is currently going at ~16.1 bytes per second.

2011-02-07 09:13:51 Manic This could be very interesting as a distinct whole other game in this genre depending where you take it (Not sure what the genre is being called right now... Blocky? Minecrafty?)

Better 3rd person camera controls and more depth in non-mining game mechanics for example, and you might have the next big CommunityCraft.

2011-02-07 11:05:52 Silent-Hunter Can I customize the controls?

REPLY: Not possible at this time.

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