Minetest-c55 is an InfiniMiner/Minecraft(/Dwarf Fortress) inspired game, with a goal of becoming one of the first Minecraft-style games that take the survival multiplayer gameplay to a somewhat different direction.

It also serves as a learning project for me, celeron55, the author of the game.

As of now, the game does not really differ from Minecraft except for having a lot less features.

This game is under heavy development, but playing it is quite fun already.

To you minecraft fanatics:

(Originally written on reddit.com)

I know a lot of people here are thinking that I am cloning a game, meanly and effortlessly copying what others have done, possibly making some fancy cheap technical improvements or something.

You could say all the first person shooters today are clones of Quake. They all look the same and mostly you can do the same things in them. Still everybody thinks they are different games and not clones. Why is it so?

The thing is, solely the game engine has considerably differing strengths compared to Minecraft's, which will probably lead to different gameplay. You know - a different game, that is.

This game isn't intended to be technically better, and I am doing it because I think this game type has potential for more good games. Also, this is an unbeatable project for learning stuff. You know, making a thing like this is painfully difficult - guess why there aren't too many proper "clones" out there?


Considerable shortcomings, as of now

Most of these will be worked on in the future.

Public servers

These might or might not work for you at any given time. Different versions aren't really compatible at the moment.

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